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SumProject+SumResearch is ISO-9001 qualified. As a yearly tradition, our ISO-team Patrick and Maria, presented some new features in the standardized way we work together for a better service and projects. We are continuously working on the improvement of our internal and external quality.

RIBA London Student Awards of 2016

Our collaborator Maria Damianidou was selected by the University of East London - Architecture + Design as ‘the young talent’ of her graduation year. As a result, she represented the UEL during the RIBA London Student Awards 2016. Her graduation project focused on a new Greek embassy in Molenbeek, Brussels. Sum was honoured to be present at the RIBA presentation and was inspired by the idea of adding an embassy function in Molenbeek. Congratulations, Maria!

Sum @ Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture

The second edition of the Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture wants to highlight Brussels’ post-war architecture. During the month of Ocotober you can visit and participate in guided tours, bike tours, lectures or enjoy some movies about the methamorphosis of Brussels after the second world war. In this period the historical urban fabric was replaced by large-scale infrastructure, office buildings and new types of housing. One of the guided tours is organised in the 'Postchequegebouw / Office des Comptes-Chèques Postaux', a creation of arch. Victor Bourgeois and restaurated by Groep Planning/SumProject in 1997-2002. The office building has an impressive foyer and paternoster lifts. The

Former thermal baths of Spa are listed as 'Patrimoine exceptionnel de Wallonie'

The Walloon Government has approved the new list of "patrimoine exceptionnel de Wallonie". The building of the former thermal baths of Spa is listed as exceptional heritage because of its building qualities but also for its potential as a thriving engine for cultural and touristic development. SumProject is currently developing a new future for the former thermal baths. More info on the project page and an article published in La Dernière Heure (French).

'Kleine Ring - Petite Ceinture' - Lecture by Rien van de Wall

Sum invited Rien van de Wall to give a lecture about his vision on the Brussels inner ring road. This vision starts from the idea to transform the existing urban highway into an embedded urban space. The lecture ended with an interesting debate and a reflection based on our rich ‘field experience’ regarding large scale urban development projects in Brussels (and on the inner ring road in particular). More information on

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