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Sum @ Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture

The second edition of the Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture wants to highlight Brussels’ post-war architecture. During the month of Ocotober you can visit and participate in guided tours, bike tours, lectures or enjoy some movies about the methamorphosis of Brussels after the second world war. In this period the historical urban fabric was replaced by large-scale infrastructure, office buildings and new types of housing.

One of the guided tours is organised in the 'Postchequegebouw / Office des Comptes-Chèques Postaux', a creation of arch. Victor Bourgeois and restaurated by Groep Planning/SumProject in 1997-2002. The office building has an impressive foyer and paternoster lifts.

The Brussels Biennale of Modern Architectureis organised by Korei, Docomomo, Arkadia, Pro Velo, Muntpunt and Cinematek. More info on

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