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SUM nominated for 'Publica Awards 2020', vote now!

Sum is proud to announce the nomination of three of our projects - Tramline 8, Tramline 9 and Place Jourdan/Jourdanplein - for the 'Publica Awards 2020' in the category 'Urban development, infrastructure & mobility'. You can find more information on the projects on

But now we have to win... Therefore we need your vote! Vote for the Brussels' projects before June 01. You can vote for our projects on the website (NL) / (FR) and select:

  • 'Tramlijn 8, Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe - Mobiel Brussel'

  • 'Tram 9 jette - Mobiel Brussel'

  • 'Heraanleg Jourdanplein - FOD Vervoer en Mobiliteit'

The winning projects will be announced during the 'Publica Awards 2020' event on September 17.


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