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Jourdan Square, Brussels



Place Jourdan has a lively character, partly thanks to the weekly market and its famous fries shop, but nowadays it is chaotic and badly organized. The challenge is to maintain the existing spirit and the animation of the square, with an improvement in the spatial quality.


In a first phase, several preliminary studies were realized, such as a historical study, analysis of the different uses, a mobility study, and a landscape study. For the study of the needs and uses, we did a survey with residents, merchants in the area and visitors of the square. The results of this survey were integrated into the project and were presented to the public.


As part of the masterplan, various scenarios have been developed for the redevelopment of the square. Two options were proposed, both were based on a reduction of the impact of traffic and enhancing the quality of life and the spatial quality of the square.


The first proposal mainly focuses on getting rid of the present spatial chaos by creating one large "city furniture" that brings together trees, benches and the fries shop in the form of a strip. As a result, a powerful and legible square is created.


The second proposal works more on the present relief of the site and refers to the valley of the Maelbeek and to the water as spatial element, and makes a link with the adjacent Leopold Park and its pond.




Client: SPF Mobilité et Transport, Beliris

Concept: SumProject

In collaboration with: Bureau d’Études Greisch sa (structure/engineering)



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