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Tramline 9, Brussels



Sum is working on the construction of a new tram line that will connect the center of Brussels with the north-western municipalities of Brussels and the University Hospital (Jette - VUB). The new tram, line 9, intersects different neighborhoods on its trajectory ranging from a dense urban area, a garden city to a park zone in the Brussels periphery. Each of these areas has its own potential and needs to be incorporated into the project. 


Besides the construction of the tram line, the entire public space of the adjacent lanes and squares will be transformed. The target is a balanced use of public space, so also cyclists and pedestrians are getting their place. The sensitive parking topic is handled with care in the dense residential neighborhoods. Under the "Mirror Square", known for its large weekly market, a public underground car park will be provided, so the people of Jette wiil be able to reappropriate the square.


Special attention is given to water management and the green character of the urban tram and avenues. The trees along the avenues will form a green ribbon that guides the tram along its course. The numerous existing green squares along the tram route will be reinforced and road safety will be improved, so they can serve again as venues for the district and as playgrounds for the children. As a link in the growing multi-modal transport system, special attention is given to the transitions between the different modes of transport, particularly at the height of the planned new RER-stations.


Client: Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region, Brussels Mobility

Concept: SumProject

In collaboration with: Grontmij (engineering)



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