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Tram 8 - Woluwe Avenue, Brussels



The main objective of the project is the overall redevelopment of the public space, to eventually transform the current urban highway in a tree lined avenue, incorporating the tram track in a separate lane and a car-free zone for pedestrians and cyclists. A wide sidewalk and a two-way cycle track developed along the service road with traffic limited to 30km/h, are placed at the west side (city-side) of the Boulevard.

In the center, the zone dedicated to the car traffic is reduced freeing up space for the tram (line 8) track in a separate lane, while still keeping the 2x2 lanes configuraton.


The east side (park-side), along the parks and the Woluwe ponds, becomes a new tree-lined promenade. This green buffer makes the transition between the traffic and the parks accompanying the boulevard. Increased presence of pedestrians and cyclists on this side of the boulevard  justifies the preservation of numerous interesting views to the river and ponds, and strengthens the connection between Parc Malou and Parc des Sources.

The development prioritizes public transport and soft mobility, notably by creating good connections and secure accesses to schools, businesses and shops.


In landscape terms, the project interweaves existing spaces and recreates natural banks. Vegetation adapted to wetlands (p.e. willow, alder, ash,...) strengthens the character and features of the valley and participates in the management of rainwater. Through appropriate plantations and careful selection of materials, percentage of impermeable surfaces is considerably reduced and a more natural storm water management is promoted. Accomplishment of this project is part of an overall sustainable development approach, ensuring a balanced sharing of the public space.


The construction works started February 2016 and will last two years, ending early 2018.


Client: Ministry of Brussels-Capital Region, Brussels Mobility

Concept: SumProject

In collaboration with: Libost-Groep nv, Atelier Eole Paysagistes



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