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Feasibilty study for the redevelopment of the castle ‘Sterckshof’, Antwerp - Deurne


A ‘romantic’ castle seeks a future

The listed castle ‘Sterckshof’ in Deurne, is located in the provincial domain of ‘Rivierenhof’. Initially a fortified farm, it was transformed into a castle in the 16th century. After acquiring the estate in the 1920s, the Province of Antwerp had it rebuilt entirely according to historical sketches. The last function that the castle housed was the Silver Museum, which closed in 2014 and was moved to the centre of Antwerp.


Following an internal study, the province of Antwerp now wishes to find a new function for  ‘Sterckshof’. As a first step a cooperation with PMV (‘Vlaamse Erfgoedkluis’) has been initiated. Afterwards SumResearch (in collaboration with BDO) was appointed to carry out the feasibility study for the reassignment study.

The assignment included historical research, technical building analysis and spatial analysis of the castle as the basis for various redevelopment scenarios with financial feasibility analysis. The very structure of this fairytale castle of ‘Sterckshof’, the fact that it is listed as heritage as well as the proximity of the E313 represented a real challenge for the development of a sustainable vision ...

Client: Province of Antwerp in collaboration with the ‘Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen’ / Erfgoedkluis’

Study team: SumResearch (coordination, historical and spatial research) in collaboration with BDO (financial feasibility).


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