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Place du Mirroir, Brussels



The "Mirror Square" (Place du Miroir) and the surrounding streets are an important commercial pole in the northeast of Brussels. On Sundays the square accomodates one of the largest markets in the region. Other days, the square is used primarily as a parking. The construction of an underground parking of 199 places right under the square offers the opportunity to the inhabitants and visitors to reclaim this space. SumProject, in collaboration with Grontmij, is responsible for the design and execution of the underground parking as well as for the new public square.


The organization of the weekly market strongly influenced the design of the square. Trees and street furniture were positioned strategically, so they do not interfere with the market’s organization. On the south side of the square a string of trees connects the church with the Theodorstreet. In this zone we also provide the entrance pavilion of the underground parking, as well as the benches, the lighting masts and the bicycle racks. The north side of the square is mainly kept free, with only a nozzle fountain at ground level. The centrally positioned monumental circular bench is a landmark in this open space and can serve as a resting point, both on market days and beyond.


The square will be covered in two shades of gray granite. This robust material, capable to withstand the traffic of heavy delivery trucks is perfectly adapted for a market-use. The granite is placed in different patterns, which produce harmonious and subtle nuances between different parts of the square. The design creates both a functional and a robust square, a place where it is pleasant to sit on a terrace, on a bench in the sun or in the shade of trees, while children play in the fountain.


Client: Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region, Brussels Mobility

Concept: SumProject

In collaboration with: Grontmij (engineering)



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