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Former baths, Spa



Since the construction of the new thermal springs in the upper part of Spa, the historic building by architect Léon Suys (built in 1868) is not used anymore. Its convenient location right next to the cultural centre and casino, built in 1908 to plans by architect Alban Chambon, and the beautiful views of the surrounding hills, the building occupies a special place in Spa’s city centre.


The assignment includes the design, the construction and the exploitation of a multifunctional complex. The DBMF (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain) model means that the various stakeholders (architects, investors, potential operators) closely work together. The project includes the construction of a luxury hotel, a spa, a restaurant, parking lots, shops and a number of apartments, integrated in the cultural environment of the location.


The historical structure, symmetrically constructed around a central axis, will be restored with attention for the integration of light and transparency in the core of the building. The majestic entrance hall and salons are carefully restored and will get a more representative function. The entrance of the hotel will be moved to the rear of the building, which formerly was the entrance of the baths. The original "recto-verso principle" of Léon Suys is honoured in this way. The building block will be redefined by a new building on the street-front, thus creating a patio in the centre of the block.


The reorganisation of the existing baths will be done with special attention for low energy consumption, a reduced consumption of water and a rational management of rainwater. Thereby the projects brings back the symbolic significance of the baths in a sustainable way, adapted to the challenges of the 21st century. It also contributes to the revaluation of the spa complex in the context of the recognition as World Heritage.


Client: Stad Spa

Concept: SumProject - Barbara Van der Wee Architects - Foremost Immo - Denys

In collaboration with: Anne Guilleaume (historical study), MATRIciel (sustainable development), Bureau d'études Greisch sa (structure)



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