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Secteur Central, Saint-Omer, France



Sum developed a masterplan and design proposals for the former railway site and industrial site "Malixoff" and the transformation of the multimodal transport node of Saint-Omer.


The "Communauté d’Agglomération" of Saint-Omer and the municipalities of Saint-Omer, Argues and Longuenesse wish to strengthen the attractiveness of their urban core. Secteur Central, connecting the natural heritage of marshes and the historical heritage of the city centre is a strategic component of the city’s urban renewal. The accessibility and readability on different scales (macro, meso, micro) are essential elements of the project.


  • On a regional scale, opening up of the site and creation of a second circulation loop reduces the pressure on the boulevards, running along the city walls and improves the public transport.

  • On a urban scale, the modernization of a multimodal transport node connected directly to the train station helps to revitalize the site but also to ensure urbanization of adjacent SNCF grounds.

  • On the local level, redevelopped station square becomes a genuine link to the city centre, encouraging the reappropriation of the public space by pedestrians and cyclists.


Following the masterplan, SumProject was responsible for the transformation of the multimodal transport node at the historic Saint-Omer station. The project included:

  • A new square in relation with the historic station building.

  • A new compact bus station equipped with a glazed canopy, perceived as a beacon of the new square.

  • Transformation of the surrounding roads in the way better adapted to the urban context.

  • Revaluation of the scenic green surroundings in relation with the context of the valley.


Client: Ville de Saint-Omer and Communauté d'Agglomération de Saint-Omer (CASO)

Masterplan: SumResearch

Concept: SumProject

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