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In 1966, 4 people started a new challenge. Right from the start, the ambition of Jan Tanghe, Jacques Pêtre, Ignaas Deboutte and Willy Canfyn was to create an interdisciplinary group. ‘Groep Planning’ was born. A team of architects, urban planners and engineers worked together on numerous complex projects. By transcending the classic structure of a design agency, ‘Groep Planning’ developed a global vision about (urban) space. The interdisciplinary character was highlighted in 1995 with the integration of ‘Mens en Ruimte’. The team was extended with experts in the field of energy, environment, mobility, agri- and horticulture, sociology, economy, geography, planning, etc.

Today, 50 years later, the 3 partners, prof. Paul Lievevrouw, Jean-Pierre Marriën and Jan Jonas-Szatanski, are emphasizing again the SUM between SumProject and SumResearch. Sum stands for the continuous intertwining of the culture of projecting, scientific research and research by design. The interdisciplinary team is supported by cross-functions that ensure the sustainable dimension of the projects, an overall quality management, sound budget-making in an economic reality, an efficient project management and a clear communication strategy. SumProject+SumResearch is active in Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia and northern France.

Together with the renewed ambition we launch this new website. You can discover a selection of (recent) projects on our project page. The new blog will be regularly updated with Sum- and general news related to our fields of interest. During 2016 several ’50 years of Sum’-activities will be organised. Keep posted to our new website and different social media to discover them!

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