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Expo '58 Pavilion, Kortrijk



For several years, Van Marcke nv is the owner of the monument Pavilion expo ’58. The building has reached a certain age, which is visible in the maintenance of the building. SumResearch analysed the situation and searched for possible solutions. Different questions of programmation, restoration and the context came forward.


For the World Expo ’58, 28 pavilions were built using the truss technology of De Coene. At the end of the Expo, the Pavilion of Urban Planning was moved to Kortrijk. De Coene used the construction to create a refectory for its employees. Until today the building is still at its location on the “Pottelberg”, but the spatial context of the area has changed over time. Originally the pavilion had quite a visual impact from the street, but several industrial warehouses were built around it so the visibility was reduced.


Today, the pavilion is in a dilapidated state and a restoration or renovation of the heritage is necessary. What can be done with the pavilion in the future? What is the historical value of the pavilion? Which elements are valuable, which elements do we need to keep? Is the “Pottelberg” a suitable location of is a relocation better? A future vision for the pavilion is necessary.


SumResearch conducted a preliminary research to create this future vision. Different discussions with the city of Kortrijk were held, and a report is made based on:


  • a historical note,

  • survey plans,

  • a diagnostic note,

  • a destination note

  • and an estimation of the restorative/non-restorative parts of the building.


Client: Van Marcke NV

Concept: SumResearch


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