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University College, Ghent



Supervised independent study has become an integral part of education in Flanders and ever greater number of schools introduces this concept into practice in their courses. Supervised independent study can nowadays be integrated into every subject. Nevertheless, over the past few years many schools have resolutely decided to set up "open study centres", a stimulating learning environment with spacious rooms where students can work alone or in small groups and where they have access to various sources of information like the internet or library. These are spaces where students find their own direction and develop their independent learning skills. Taking the step to supervised independent study and an open study centre is a big step in a school's teaching organization.


At the Schoonmeersen Hogeschool Gent campus, with fields of study that include business studies, engineering, life sciences and landscape architecture, an open learning centre has been built to accomodate 6,000 students.

The new complex of buildings has been built up around a new covered inner street that will act as the important artery for the whole campus. By linking the open learning centre to the central student restaurant, a new 350-seat auditorium and various reception and student facilities, the complex grows to a new center of gravity for the university college.



Client: Hogeschool Gent

ConceptSumProject - Baro consulting bvba

In collaboration with: Studiebureau Fraeye H. (structure/engineering), Technum nv (HVAC)

Date: 2001 - 2009




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