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Kouterhof, Ghent 



The project is a combination of thorough restoration, sustainable renovation and new construction. It represents an extensive inner city development with 61 residences totalling 12,400m² and 8,600m² of office area. The habitations are placed on the Kouterplein and on the waterfront, while the office facilities are located inside the lot. The former prestigious bank building of the Generale Bank received a new, contemporary and attractive refurbishment. Nearly 5,000m² of open space and green zones were laid and a total of 124 parking spots was provided in two underground parkings.


The mix of living, working, recreaction and open space joins the renewed dynamics of the Kouter in Ghent's inner city. Through history, the Kouter was the large, stately and provincial square of the market, banks and opera. However over the last few years, the Kouter has evolved into a lively and exciting city square, with spacious underground parking, the restored concert hall Handelsbeurs, a flower market, the University with its student life and many commercial developments in the neighbourhood.


The project marks an important step in the revaluation of life on the waterfront. The Ketelvaart canal, which in past decades was hidden from the city resident behind extensive volumes and unattractive façade walls, will regain importance with this development. Living on the waterfront is increasingly a reality in Ghent's city centre.


Client: AG Real Estate, FORTIS Real Estate development/FORTIS bank

Concept: SumProject

In collaboration with: B.CEC nv - Arch & Teco Group (structure), VK Engineering (HVAC), SECO (quality control), D2S International (building physics), Dirk Vanderkerhove (landscape), D. Laporte & H. Missiaen (historical study)



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