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Redevelopment church of the Redemptorists, Ghent


Nearby the railway station of  Gent-Sint-Pieters station, the former Monastery of the Redemptorists has recently been transformed into a living, training and inspiration place: the Clemenspoort.

The Redemptorists and the Effata Community invite everyone to help them building a cordial community inspired by the gospel and the spirituality of the Redemptorists. The site is characterized by an interaction of several functions:

  • Clemenspoort : with meeting and workshop space and a new prayer room;

  • Clemens house : with a new redemptorist residential community in the form of co-housing;

  • Clemenshof : where social or inspiring organizations have a place, a homeless center, apartments, offices and student housing.


On the street side stands the Church of the Redemptorists, the only reminder of the original monastic function on the site. In close collaboration with the ‘Clemenspoort Community’ SumResearch investigates through ‘Research by Design’ associated with a financial feasibility analysis which function (s) this church can fulfill in the future. A strong focus lays on the complementarity with the other functions on the site and the strength of the project to propagate the spirit of the community. Respect for the architectural value and qualities of the existing church form the starting point.

Client: vzw Redemptoristen Vlaanderen

Design: SumResearch


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