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Den Brandt, Boom



In 2007, the OCMW in Boom held a competition requiring the design and feasibility study for the reallocation of the former hospital campus Den Brandt into a multifunctional complex with police station, offices for public services, a nursery and assisted living accommodations (65 units). In 2009, the application submitted by SumProject in collaboration with Baro Consulting was selected.


The existing hospital building was entirely stripped to its load-bearing structure and given a new skin. This operation, coupled with a custom-designed sun shading system raised the energetic performance level of the building to a contemporary standard. On the other hand, use of two different materials (plasterwork on the first two and the last floor and Eternit panels for the rest)  added a clear distinction between the office zones and the assisted living accommodations. The quality of the common areas was enhanced by colourful, covered terraces that connect to the central hallway and provide it with light and air. The existing entrance volume was demolished and three new entrances were created: a central one with glazed porch roof for the offices and residents and two separate entrances: in the corner of the main bulding for the police and in the rear wing for the nursery.


The underground, the ground floor and the first floor accommodate the police station and the offices of several local public services. All upper floors except for the sixth floor, designed for public services, were converted into assisted living accommodations. The after-school nursery occupies the ground floor of the rear wing while the day nursery is situated on the first floor.


The outdoor environment was not neglected and includes a large covered parking for police vehicles, a playground for the nursery and a small public garden for inhabitants. Also the open space in front of the new complex was redesigned.



ClientOCMW Boom

ConceptSumProject - Baro Consulting bvba

In collaboration withArch&Teco Engineering (HVAC), Daidalos Peutz (building physics), EDV (consultant energy conservation), Dirk Vandekerkhove (landscape)

Datesarchitectural competition 2007

            project/construction 2008 - 2013



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