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Urban renewal project / image quality plan  for "De Leet", Ypres



The commission for the urban renewal project "De Leet" consists of a master plan and an ‘image quality plan’, awarded as the result of an international competition organized by the Vlaams Bouwmeester.

The project area is located in the heart of Ypres, which, as an important memorial site of the First World War (1914-1918), attracts many tourists and holidaymakers. St. Martin's Cathedral and the Cloth Hall are the beacons that leave an indelible impression on the site. History, heritage, tourism, but also greenery and daily use are important aspects here. But on the other hand, the car is ubiquitous. Well-thought-out and urban-organized parking management is imperative.

An attentive reading of the surroundings of the Vandenpeereboomplein is in every way inspiring for the transformation of the site into a fully-fledged part of the city centre, as the green lung of Ypres, in addition to the stony heart of the Grote Markt. The multi-layer strategy focuses on:

  • Routes and flows: develop a lively square, create a continuous park with routes around and through it.

  • Definition and identity of urban spaces: restore historical concepts such as 'la Grande Place', 'la Petite Place' and the Ecclesiastical domain, make the area around the cathedral greener - strengthen the Astrid Park, develop water elements as a reference to the historic Leet, through which the site is involved in the larger structure of the soft, green-blue compounds.

  • Functions and use: space for the residents, the comeback of the Leet and the open square function is also an added value for visitors. It makes the expansion of the commercial zone on the west side of the square possible. The expansion of the park area around the cathedral generates a better cohesion of the neighbourhood and more possibilities for new events.

  • Monuments, memory and future: simple and clear interventions prove that past and future can coexist. Restoration of the historical perspective from the Surmont de Volsberghestraat on the cathedral and the Cloth Hall.


An upgraded centre, an opportunity for Ypres to profile itself more strongly!


Client: City of Ypres in collaboration with the ‘Vlaams Bouwmeester’

Team: SumProject & Bureau B+B



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