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CG Kouter, Ghent



SumProject develops the project of renovation of this historical and precious building formerly known as the regional headquarters of the ING Bank on the Kouter in Ghent.


Through history, the Kouter was the large, stately square with the market, banks and opera house. However over the last few years, the Kouter has evolved into a lively and exciting city square, with spacious underground parking, the restored concert hall Handelsbeurs, a flower market, the University with its student life and many commercial developments in the neighbourhood.


The building is being completely remodeled. The project is founded upon the authentic, historical elements combined with a search for modern comfort and maximum of natural light.


The historical stratification of the building as well as the characteristic interiors of the ground floor and the first floor demand for an intelligent re-use of the existing patrimonial elements. These two floors, restored with great attention, will accomodate several commercial spaces, while the upper levels will be converted into prestigious apartments with great terraces and views over the city.


Client: NOAN Real Estate

Concept: SumProject



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