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‘Houten Schoen’, Sint-Niklaas


Easy living in the park​

A well-known situation: an old villa in a large garden with magnificent trees. Unfortunately: the villa is uninhabited. In response to the spatial densification policy, a respectful “integration project” was carried out here, in which the landscaped structure and the existing villa served as the basis for contemporary development.

The project includes the redevelopment of an existing villa in a mature “park environment” and the development of around thirty residential units spread over four buildings around it.

The new buildings have been installed in such a way as to integrate optimally into the landscape of the park and this in a positive dialogue with the “villa in the park”. At the rear, the new homes also have a wide view of the surrounding landscape ...

Client: Intrabouw

Architecture: SumProject

Engineering: Bertram ingenieurs

Safety  / Energy: AVG Consulting


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