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Central Boulevards, Brussels



The redevelopment project involves the design of the public space of the main boulevards in Brussels from rue Saint Michel, north from De Brouckère Square, up to Fontainas Square. Some adjacent streets of the boulevard Anspach are also being redesigned.


The design principles for the new central boulevards are established on a conceptual base and are built on technical assumptions and preconditions. The project has been developed through analysis (research) and design exploration (spatial scenarios).


Reviews and adjustments of both studies are made with a set of partners (Brussels Capital Region, city of Brussels, ...) and actors (companies, cultural institutions, non-profit organizations, ...) as well as the population and the direct users of the boulevards, who can actively participate through interviews, public debates and workshops.


The pedestrian area provides space for new experiences and practices, such as strolling around, games, sports, music, aromas, green... The boulevard is no longer a barrier difficult to cross, but is an integrating and welcoming public space. The aim is to optimize urban green (trees, plants, grasses, lawn) with a sustainable use of rainwater.


The project embraces several "shared spaces", differentiated by their scale, form, atmosphere and function, always in relation to their surroundings. This approach strengthens the local cohesion , responding to specific activities and identities at both sides of the boulevard.


From De Brouckère to Fontainas we distinguish six spatial entities:


–     De Brouckère as an "Agora" for large scale gatherings and events,

–     The luminous ceiling of the "Foyer Urbain" gives new quality to the large modernist context,

–     The "City Promenade" accompanies the major N-S and E-W pedestrian flows,

–     Bourse Square as an urban scene or "Urban Theatre",

–     The "Green Promenade" between Bourse and Fontainas,

–     Fontainas becomes a "City Garden" between different neighbourhoods.


Client: Beliris, City of Brussels, Brussels Mobility

Concept: SumProject

In collaboration with: B-Group - Bureau d'Études Greisch sa



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