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Masterplan BOZAR, Brussels

Project assistance and long term vision for "BOZAR"


The Palace of Fine Arts, designed by architect Victor Horta, was inaugurated in 1928. In 1977 it was listed as a monument. Following the 2004 Master Plan, carried out under the direction of Prof. Arch. Barbara Van der Wee, the Center for Fine Arts has decided to carry out a phased, in-depth renovation, based on the original design by Victor Horta and the desire to restore the circulations to their original structure. At the same time, the infrastructure is being adapted to today's standards.

One of the first sub-projects concerned the restoration of the roofs (in 2 phases: north and south), together with the integration of the technical equipment and the restoration of the underlying exhibition spaces. The ambitious renovation project of the roofs of the "Palace" was crucial for the restoration and revitalization of the entire Center for Fine Arts (BOZAR) as the first cultural institution in the country.

In order to obtain optimal functioning of the exhibition spaces and of the main concert hall 'Henry Le Boeuf', the renovation of the roof used the most innovative technology and efficiency in terms of sustainability and thermal and noise performance, in order to get the best mix of natural light penetrations, climate control and acoustics.

In addition to specific restoration projects, SumProject, within the ‘Bozar Design Team’, is also assisting the management team of Bozar concerning other projects (renovation Hall M & Studio, connection ‘Museum of the Cat’, ...), or dealing with specific feasibility studies and the development of a long term vision. The work not only deals with the actors within the "Center for Fine Arts" but also in synergy with the various stakeholders of the ‘Mont des Arts’ district.


Client: Paleis voor Schone Kunsten (user), Regie der Gebouwen (owner)

Design Team BOZAR: B. Van der Wee Architects, SumProject, Ney & Partners, VK Engineering, Daidalos Peutz, ARUP


3070 - 3166

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