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Visual quality plan, marina Nieuwpoort



The current marina of Nieuwpoort expands. The ambition is high, Nieuwpoort wants to strengthen its role as European marina and even become the largest marina in Northern Europe.


To shape this project and to guarantee its quality, Sum is developing the “visual quality plan” (beeldkwaliteitsplan) for the entire site, consisting of three zones: the right bank (incl. current marina), Kattesas & Fish Market and the site of Brusselle company. This plan is developed in collaboration with Urhahn, ARJM and MYC.


The marina site is located north of the historic (downtown) Nieuwpoort and has, due to its strategic location, an important connecting role in the future urban and landscape development of Nieuwpoort. Possible scenarios for the three areas are studied, with a focus on the right bank. The program for the right bank consists of a physical extension to the existing dock of 60,000 sqm and a construction/real estate area of 120,000 sqm. The real estate program consists of nearly 100,000 sqm of housing, 40,000 sqm of boat parking and almost 38,000 sqm for SMEs, offices, retail, sailing clubs, restaurants and hotel.


On the basis of "research by design", the feasibility of various scenarios of development is evaluated. The goal is to find an appropriate balance between new marina, urban development and the landscape quality.


Client: Gemeente Nieuwpoort, Provincie West-Vlaanderen, MDK (Agentschap voor Maritieme Dienstverlening en Kust)

In collaboration with: Urhahn, ARJM, MYC



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