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Vogelmarkt, Ghent



The corner of Vogelmarkt and Kortedagsteeg is an important spot in Ghent, it is located at a junction of several shopping streets, just across the "Kouter", one of the main market squares of the city. It has a good connection with public transport and sufficient parking lots in its surrounding.


The existing building being severely dilapidated, Sum decided to go a step further than just renewing its function. Based on a profound debate with the client, the city, advisory bodies and stakeholders, a new vision was created that includes aesthetics, economics, urbanity and volume.


The existing building was entirely stripped in order to reintegrate sorrounding urban tissue. The groundfloor and the first floor were designed as a commercial space with a mezzanine. 9 apartments were created on the upper floors.


From the beginning, the project aimed to fit into the existing urban context. The new façade retains the former vertical structure, its architecture connects to the adjacent buildings but in a contemporary idiom. The vertical elements beside the aesthetic and insulating function, have also an important role to highlight the façade.


With this project we aim to give an integrated response to the housing and commercial demand in the city centre of Ghent.


Client: Fenixco, Real Estate Development

Concept: SumProject

In collaboration with: Lime (structure)



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