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Vloethemveld, Zedelgem



Research on the military and historical heritage value of the former ammunition depot and POW-camp Vloethemveld. The former military domain Vloethemveld is a protected landscape since 1995 because of its scientific, historical and aesthetic values. The domain also has exceptional heritage values because of its function as a military prison camp between 1944 and 1947. During their captivity German prisoners of war made several statues and murals in their barracks. 


Sum analysed the military-historical heritage value and the remaining relicts in the domain. A historical note describes the evolution of the domain and its military buildings. In particular the cluster of ammunition depots with their protective berm.


The historical note is complemented by a comprehensive inventory and evaluation of the military-historical heritage value of both the individual relicts as the relict clusters. For each relict a separate sheet was made with pictures and a description. This valuation and evaluation, based on specific criteria, is an objective weighing of the intrinsic value of the relicts, the clusters and the landscape. Also the damage of the heritage was taken into account. Different consolidation measures are proposed for the depots and the artworks.


A spatial analysis is conducted based on different views on the access of the domain. Based on this study and the approved management plan, several scenarios were developed for opening the domain in an tourist-recreation context. In the final phase, a number of funding and cooperation’s were proposed to consolidate and open up the domain and the heritage values.


An important aspect of this study was finding a perfect balance between the natural and the heritage values.


Client: Vlaamse Landmaatschappij, Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos

Ontwerp: SumResearch



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