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Migration of elderly, West-Flanders



Migration analysis for the coastal region, conducted by the provincial centre for social planning, shows that people older than 80 have a different moving pattern. They seem to move back to their region of origin. The provincial government wants to examine this in detail, because of the consequences for the housing- and healthcare policy in the coastal municipalities.

Three research questions were asked:


  • What are the patterns in the coastal area, and in particular the patterns of the elderly (+80)?

  • When elderly move, what are their motives, their motivations, their housing needs, further intentions, their housing- and healthcare expectations?

  • What repercussions for the housing market and the healthcare sector in the coastal municipalities?


To answer these questions a statistical research was conducted and a survey was held among elderly and people working in the housing- and healthcare sector. The results of this research were gathered in the publication “Ook de aangespoelden blijven. Woon- en zorgperspectieven van pensioenmigranten aan de kust.” The "aangespoelden" is a term that pension migrants use to refer to themselves. It acts as a badge of honour and is well accepted by locals and migrants.


Client: Province of West-Flanders

In collaboration with: Housing and Urban Studies, KULeuven; Faculteit Mens en Welzijn, HoGent



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