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St. Michel–Martini, Brussels



The Saint-Michel project proposes the creation of 85 housing units and different complementary functions on the old industrial site of Saint-Michel and Martini. Two buildings of great architectural, structural and spatial value: a tobacco factory and a warehouse, both dating from 1959, are situated in Sint-Jans-Molenbeelk, just across Tour&Taxis site.


The revaluation of the site aims to preserve its qualities developping mixed project of 24.400m² with respect for the existing buildings. The program includes 85 housing units, commercial space (1.000m²), leisure space (400m²), office space (1.400m²), and 91 parking lots.


  • The street façades are preserved and adapted to residential use.

  • The courtyard is extended and is the source of oxygen for the site.

  • To maintain the original typology the new housing is developed in the form of lofts.

  • The internal patios create extra natural light in the building.

  • New modern 2-storey extension is placed on the top of the existing volume.


Client: LF Saint-Michel sprl

Concept: SumProject

In collaboration with: Bizouard & Pin Architectes



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