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First day of school @ St. Michel

Today all students go back to school!

Some of them into a new building. The students of IMELDA have their first day in the rehabilitated warehouse building of the former Saint Michel tobacco brand, next to the site of Thurn & Taxis and near the Canal in Brussels, Molenbeek.

SumProject is proud to have achieved this project after a lot of research by design work in order to find the best re-use and the best organisational scheme. This new campus of 17.000m² will host two schools: IMELDA and Martha Somers (which will follow in November). In total 1.450 students will find their way in this campus which is thriving the regeneration of the whole neighbourhood! Schools: IMELDA – Martha Somers Investor Kairos nv / Flemish Community Contractor BAM nv Design: SumProject (icw B2AI)

Picture: © Saskia Vanderstichele


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