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Feasibility study 'MKG/MAH & KIK/IRPA'

SumProject-Ellips is selected for the challenging feasibility study for the Art & History Museum and the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage.

Sum coordinates the feasibility study team. On the basis of historical research, heritage value assessment, research by design, the study will focus on increasing the museum's viability and optimising the functioning of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage. This will require an adaptation of the existing buildings. Sustainable and respectful solutions with regard to the protected patrimony are put forward.

Parallel Ellips will conduct a surveying campaign that will take, given the size of the project, a year to complete.

In collaboration with:

  • B. Van der Wee Architects

  • ARCHistory

  • ARCH&TECO arch & Planning

  • ARCH&TECO engineering

  • Neomuseo

  • Daidalos Peutz

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