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The Brussels Low Line: works around ‘Bourse’ will start

The refurbishment of the Central Lanes arrived at the Bourse. We will start with the 'rue Jules Van Praet straat', 'rue Paul Devauxstrat' and the 'Boulevard Anspachlaan' between the 'rue des Pierres / Steenstraat' and the 'rue du Marché aux Poulets / Kiekenmarkt'.

In the central strip of the 'boulevard Anspachlaan' a waterproofing will reinforce the roof of metro station Bourse. Subsequently, the side strips along the facades of the buildings will be refurbished.

These works should be completed by the end of the summer of 2019, subject to favourable weather conditions. Afterwards, work will be done on the 'Place de la Bourse / Beursplein' and in the 'rue Ortsstraat'.

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