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Sum @ Rutgers University | The State University of New Jersey

Marc Appelmans was invited by the Rutgers University - Department of Landscape Architecture, New Jersey.

His lecture 'Re-landscaping the Heart of our Cities - The Case of the Brussels Pedestrian Zone as a Motor for Urban Regeneration' focused on the refurbishment of the Central Lanes in Brussels.

Marc also participated as a guest critic in their Spring 2018 Praxis Studio on “Urban Crossroads. Re-imagining Jersey City´s Industrial Roots”. He enjoyed the exchanges with the students on the potentials of the brownfields in New Jersey.

The focus of this student Praxis was to identify opportunities for the enhancement of the underutilized transportation corridors created by both rail and highways which have dissected the landscape and created social barriers between the various neighbourhoods of Jersey City. These areas have the potential to serve as green public corridors connecting ‘Liberty State Park’ to the ‘Jersey City Reservoir’.

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