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BOZAR, the Centre for Fine Arts, is going 'open air' this summer

Throughout the holidays a pop-up summer bar with a swimming pool, a skate park, a graffiti wall and a non-stop hip-hop flow of activities is waiting for you in the ‘rue Baron Horta’, right next to BOZAR. Sum participated in the realisation of ‘BOZAR Open Air’ providing consultancy on place making.

The summer event is part of 'Yo Brussels Hip-Hop Generations', running from 28 June '17 to 17 Sep '17. This exhibition brings an overview op 35 years of creativity in the capital. It not only highlights the major periods in the history of Brussels hip-hop but immerses the visitor in the hip-hop experience.

Don't miss it! And take a refreshing splash in the pool...

More information about 'Yo Brussels Hip-Hop Generations' on or

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