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Wintercircus in 'Bouwkroniek'

'Bouwkroniek', a weekly magazine for the Belgian construction sector, dedicated an article to the upcoming start of the renovation of Ghent's 'Wintercircus'.

This exceptional building was originally conceived as a permanent building ‘winter circus’ in 1885 by architect Emile De Weerdt. After a big fire in 1920 it was rebuilt by architect Jules-Pascale Ledoux. A few episodes later the circus was turned into a garage by the Mahy family. In 1978 Mahy closed the garage and they only used the building as a storage for their important old-timer collection.

In 2005 the building was acquired by SOGent on behalf of the City of Ghent who decided to give it a new live. The new ‘Wintercircus’ will include a public space with a café and event areas. The building will also host an interesting mix of functions with office spaces linked to creative innovation, an underground concert hall, a restaurant ...

SumProjet and BARO are appointed by SoGent as executive architects for the renovation, which is part of the larger urban renewal project 'De Krook'.

The renovation works will start during the summer of 2017.

You can read the article on (in dutch).

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