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CVO MIRAS(*), the new learning centre for adults in Kortrijk, is ready!

As of January 2017, the new campus located at 'Kortrijk Weide' will welcome up to 800 students.

The whole concept of the campus was designed by SumProject as an open, generous and contemporary architectural complex. Respectful to its environment, the new building responds appropriately to the different components and scales of the neighbourhood and the city of Kortrijk. Conceived as a compact building complex; the campus offers an open mixed use ground floor, well oriented classes and a roof terrace offering unexpected views on the surrounding landscape.

The CVO MIRAS project is part of 'Schools of Tomorrow’ ('Scholen van Morgen'), a public-private partnership between the Flemish government and AG Real Estate and BNP Paribas Fortis. This programme covers the design, construction, financing and a 30-year maintenance of 182 school building projects.

(*)CVO MIRAS is the new name for the cooperation between HITEK, VSPW and VIVO.

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