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Sum @ Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial 23/09

'The notion of landscape has undergone a strong evolution in the past years. From an approach traditionally marked by a sense of romanticism and the search for an idealized nature, it evolved into a new way of thinking about the relation between the built and the natural environment. This renewed interest in the landscape is a genuine statement of civilization. It corresponds to a profound change of mentality in the face of the territory’s massive urbanisation and increasing environmental degradation.

'The first ‘Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial’ (BULB), an initiative of the Minister of Environment of the Brussels-Capital Region, aims to promote the urban landscape through a number of events. On September 23, a symposium 'Make room for Brussels’ urban landscape!' will be held in the main auditorium of 'Bruxelles Environnement'.

Our collaborator Patrick Moyersoen will be part of a round table debate about 'Ecology of the urban landscape, productive landscapes and landscapes and law'.

Central questions during this debate are:

  • "How to reconcile ecology and productivity within urban landscapes?"

  • "Is there congruence or divergence between environmental issues and socio-economic challenges?"

  • "How does this dilemma translate into regulation?"

Other participants in this debate are Serge Kempeneers, Thierry Kandjee, Benoît Périlleux and Maarten Roels.

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