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Sum @ Heritage Days Brussels 2016 - Recycling of styles

This weekend the Brussels-Capital Region is organizing ‘Heritage Days’, a major event for

lovers of architecture and heritage.

“Recycling of styles”, the theme of the 2016 edition offers the opportunity to discover the

“neo” and historically-inspired styles of the 19th century (Neo-Gothic, Neoclassicism, Neo-

Renaissance, Neo-Romanesque, Eclecticism, etc.) which have especially marked the

Brussels architectural landscape, in addition to more recent styles such as Regionalism and

Postmodernism. It really is a unique opportunity to visit a large number of iconic locations in

our capital as well as less known ones or buildings that are rarely open to visitors during the

rest of the year.

Central questions this year are: “How and for what reasons did the architects draw on formal

repertoires of the past? In what way have the architectural styles been reinterpreted over

time? Which of the Brussels region’s iconic buildings illustrate best such reinterpretations?”

During heritages days you can also visit some of Sum's projects (click for more information):

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