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Sum @ 'Dey your lane! Lagos variations'

The ‘Summer of Photography 2016’ has started! The 6th Biennial for Contemporary Photography, an initiative of BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, has a special focus on urban vibes. One of the expo’s, ‘Dey your lane! Lagos variations’, seeks to understand Lagos through the lens of those who can express their reactions and experiences in the city in a creative manner. The exhibition brings together the work of 24 photographers, both local and international.

SumResearch contributed to this exhibition with a comparative study between Lagos, Los Angeles and Mumbai, three megacities with a common economical drive: the movie industry. Our research has a strong focus on the demographical evolution and future. You can read the results on the yellow ‘Danfo bus’ coloured flyers in the expo.

You can visit the expo until the 4th of September. More information? and

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