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Restoration of the ‘Riches Claires’ convent | Brussels

After the devastating fire of 1989, there was uncertainty about the heritage listing of the Vicars' wing of the former convent of the Riches Claires, located in the Saint-Géry neighbourhood, in the historical heart of Brussels. Sum guided the AOP through the procedure that resulted in the definitive listing of the Vicars' Wing on 24 February 2020.

On the initiative of the existing users and owners, a feasibility study was granted to Sum in which the various reallocation schemes were tested.

During the process the Sant'Egidio community, which is committed to the homeless and the poorest in our society, expressed its interest in the site. This new impulse gave rise to an additional feasibility study.

There are various scenarios on the table whereby, for example, meeting rooms will be provided on the ground floor of the St. Christoffel wing and residential units on the first floor. The Vicars' wing would then have a dining room on the ground floor and a reading / meeting room on the first floor...

At present, the Vicars' wing is already being cleared of asbestos and we are preparing to submit the permit application by the end of 2021.

Client: AOP, Parochial Council, Sant'Egidio Community

Study team: SumProject + B. Van der Wee Architects


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