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Housing policy plans, Flanders



SumResearch has an extensive experience and expertise in developing housing policy plans for local governments. Over the years, Sum created a strong vision around housing an how to deal with our environment and our space, how we can cope with changing trends and challenges, how cities and local governments can implement a sound housing policy in their activities.

SumResearch was responsible for (non-limitative list):


  • Housing policy plan Zulte

  • Housing policy plan Destelbergen

  • Housing policy plan As

  • Housing policy plan Opglabbeek

  • Housing policy plan Zutendaal

  • Housing policy plan Halle

  • Densification strategy Genk

  • Housing scenario’s Mortsel

  • Housing policy plan Lanaken

  • Housing needs 2007-2022, Brugge

  • Housing policy plan Sint-Niklaas


Besides the housing policy plans, SumResearch also research the local housing markets of West Flanders and Flemish Brabant. Sum was active in the Centre for Sustainable Housing Policy and the Centre for Space and Housing where generic research on housing was conducted. SumResearch was involved in the Great Housing Survey of 2013.


Interesting publications:


Wonen in Vlaanderen anno 2013


Honkvast in tijden van verandering


Ruimte voor wonen. Trends en uitdagingen


Een woonmodel in transitie. Toekomstverkenning van het Vlaams wonen


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