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Elimo, Brussels 



The consolidation and interchangeability of functions have become important points in architectural commissions. Therefore the project focusses less on the accurate transliteration of a function into an architectural program but tends to create structures within which various functions can coexist.


Commissioned by Elimo nv, SumProject examined how offices, housing and shops could be integrated in a compact construction unit between Louizalaan/avenue Louise and Wollendriestorenstraat/rue de la Grosse Tour. Although they offer interesting possibilities for living and working in city centres, the upper floors of commercial properties often remain empty. In this case, it was decided to maintain and restore historic volumes facing the avenue and demolish the existing offices on the rear edge and within the lot to be able to provide a better mix of functions in a qualitative architectural framework. The new volumes saw the integration of living, shopping and office functions. The volume in the courtyard was provided with a green roof, which creates a pleasant green environment for local residents.


Client: Elimo nv

Concept: SumProject

In collaboration with: Studieburo Atlas



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