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SUM is nominated for the Ghent Monument Prize!

We are delighted that two of our projects have been nominated for the Ghent Monument Prize!

  • the 'Boekentoren' (*)

  • the Winter Circus (**)

We are particularly pleased for the nomination of the Winter Circus... because it is not a listed monument!

Happy to have your vote and support? You can cast your vote here:

(*) The restoration of the 'Boekentoren' is a collaboration of the 'Boekentorenteam' (Robbrecht and Daem architects, SumProject (architecture), B. Van der Wee Architects, BARO Architecture, Greisch engineering, VK Engineering, Daidalos Peutz).

(**) The realisation of the Winter Circus renovation is a collaboration of SumProject (architecture), BARO Architecture & VK Engineering.


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