Opening FSVM II building Ghent (BioSafety Level 3)

To meet the increasing demand for customized lab infrastructure, VIB (Flanders’ leading life sciences institute) and Ghent University have opened a new research building at the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park in Zwijnaarde.

With this important investment in high-quality new infrastructure, VIB and Ghent University ensure that Flemish top research can continue to lead to important breakthroughs. Cherry on the cake: the building’s new BioSafety Level 3 facility (BSL-3) will allow for experimental research on airborne pathogens. In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, the BSL-3 facility makes the building highly relevant for research on pathogens that could cause the next pandemic.

SumProject was responsible for the design in co-operation with SVR-Architects.