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New project: feasibility study 'De Vestel'

SumProject + SumResearch is selected for the challenging feasibility study for 'De Vestel' building of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

Sum coordinates the feasibility study team. On the basis of historical research, heritage value assessment, technical analysis, research by design, the study will focus on a future proof answer for the multiple bottlenecks present.

We will focus on topics such as office- and research space, collections and preservation, and visitor facilities. Sustainable and respectful solutions with regard to the protected patrimony are put forward.

In collaboration with:

  • B. Van der Wee Architects

  • VK Engineering

  • ABO

  • Neomuseo

  • Daidalos Peutz

  • Ellips Landmeters

Image: Regie der Gebouwen


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