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SumProject and Bureau B+B will redesign 'De Leet'

Following an international competition launched by the ‘Vlaams Bouwmeester’ SumProject / Bureau B+B have been granted the design contract for the urban renewal project of 'De Leet' in Ypres. The project aims to bring a coherent vision for the redevelopment of the public space in the heart of Ypres.

Our concept creates an interaction between the 'Grote Markt' and the area called 'De Leet' (Vandenpeereboomplein / Astrid Park). The water of ‘De Leet', a now covered river running through the city, will reappear on the surface and reinforce this new core in the city centre, contrasting with the completely paved 'Grote Markt'.

The ambition is to restore the current fragmented space into a pleasant green environment functioning as the new 'living room' of the city.

(All images are part of the competition phase)

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