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Benefit Raymond Lemaire

In the unique setting of Les Brigittines, the Brussels Contemporary Arts Centre for Movement, Sum organises a fund raising dinner for the ‘Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation’ (RLICC) in order to support young talent in rethinking ‘conservation and urban development’.

Since the training started 40 years ago, SumProject+SumResearch has always had a special bond with the RLICC and therefore wants to enhance the capacities for applied research. We need young professionals with renewed views on heritage and entrepreneurship; young people who have the ambition to carry out the ‘métier’ and to develop a contemporary vision on conservation in an urban context. That is why

​we want to support their work.

SumProject+SumResearch organises this event for the RLICC and is kindly supported by ARIES Real Estate Solutions, Barbara Van Der Wee Architects, BDO, Colen, Greisch, Denys, Extensa Group, Fenixco, Ingenium, Kairos, Matexi, Vanhout and VK Architects & Engineers.

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