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Feasibility study for the re-use of the Holy Trinity Church, Saint-Gilles/Ixelles 



During the feasibility study for this listed building, the Holy Trinity Church located on the border of Ixelles and Saint-Gilles, the different spatial and functional potentials for a partial or complete re-use of the site have been investigated.


The question is part of a broader current debate about the future of many church buildings in the Brussels Capital City Region.


A historical analysis, the evaluation of heritage values as well as a needs assessment formed the basis of the first phase of this mission. By using Research by Design as a planning tool, many potential spatial interventions and various programmes were brought to the table and the limits of the possible interventions to this historic building could be explored in a 'constructive' way with the various stakeholders.


n the second phase of the study, the selected scenarios were further explored in function of their financial feasibility in order to arrive at realistic scenarios that would enable the clients to make an informed choice. 

Municipality of Ixelles, Municipality of Saint-Gilles

Design: SumProject i.c.w. B. Van der Wee Architects



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