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News from the site: Bio-Accelerator FSVM II - Ghent

The new Bio-Accelerator FSVM II (named after Ghent biotech pioneers Fiers, Schell and Van Montagu) is making progress. The first building, a PPP - commissioned by vzw Lo²cus (VIB + UGent), reached its highest point in structural work. The construction of the greenhouse, on the roof, starts in December.

The construction of the second building, commissioned by Obelisc private investors in collaboration with the UGent, starts in 2019.

SumProject is responsible for the design in co-operation with SVR-Architects.

Facts and figures:

  • ±15.000 m² for up to 250 researchers including

  • Laboratories and greenhouses

  • Office spaces, meeting spaces

  • Parking facilities for 150 cars and 200 bikes

  • A new UGent-restaurant as a central facility for everyone at the ‘Tech Lane Science Park’, with a capacity of 350 people.

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