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Walloon Government supports renovation project of the former Thermal buildings of Spa

The City of Spa received excellent news from the Walloon Government. Over the next five years, the renovation of the former thermal buildings will be rewarded 4,5 million euros. The complex, called ‘Les Bains de Spa’, a masterpiece by architect Léon Suys (1868), was listed as a monument since 1992 and in 2016 it has been labeled as ‘exceptional Walloon heritage’.

SumProject is - together with Barbara Van der Wee Architects, Foremost Immo and Denys - part of a DBFM (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain) model. Sum is responsible for the general concept including the design of a luxury hotel, a spa, a restaurant, parking lots, shops and a number of apartments, integrated in the historical and cultural setting in the very center of the origins of ‘Spa’.

The granted subsidy - together with the (conditional) approval of the building permit - is great news for the progress of the project!

You can watch an interview with Spa's Alderman of Heritage, Paul Mathy, on or read an article on (in French).

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