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News from the sites: metrostation De Brouckère and pre-metrostation De Brouckère

The underground works at Metrostation De Brouckère have started. The metrostation will become a new gateway to the pedestrian zone in the centre of Brussels. The works concern the metrostation and the tunnel that connects to the pre-metrostation.

A new entrance is being integrated in 'The Mint' on the corner of the 'Place de la Monnaie' and 'Rue de l'Ecuyer'.

In the pre-metrostation De Brouckère works are also progressing. A secured parking space for up to 550 bicycles is being created in the central volume. This bike parking will be accessible with an adapted slope at the intersection of 'Boulevard Emile Jacqmain' and 'Boulevard Adolphe Max'.

You can read an article about Metro Brouckère in La Libre (in French).

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