SumProject designs new bio-accelerator

SumProject in collaboration with SVR-Architects – as part of a concern of private investors - won the competition for a new bio-accelerator at the Ardoyen campus in Ghent. The new complex will have two main blocks: one for the researchers of DMPR (Department of Molecular Protein research) of the University of Ghent while the other one will developed as a bio-accelerator for Life Science and Bio-tech industry. The new complex of 16.000 m² will include: Specialized laboratories and research rooms L2 and L3 laboratories Glass houses A3 laboratories Offices and conference rooms Restaurant Parking

'Scholen van morgen': tomorrow begins today!

The new Campus of 'CVO Miras' in Kortrijk, designed by SumProject, was one of the eyecatchers during the event 'Scholen van morgen': Tomorrow begins today! (Morgen begint vandaag). The event provided an overview of the 125 so far realized projects by the ‘DBFM Scholen van Morgen’. This programme comprises 182 projects, providing contemporary learning conditions to 133.000 students through the construction of 1.238 new classrooms… Our Campus of CVO Miras was inaugurated in January 2017 and welcomes up to 800 students. More information on the project page. More information about the DBFM programme ‘Scholen van Morgen’ (Schools of Tomorrow) on

News from the site: Nova Rode

The construction of our 'Nova Rode' living in the park project is on track. The construction of Block B containing 28 units, is steadily progressing and will be ready in January 2018. The ‘Nova Rode’ project is being developed within a green park setting adjacent to the centre of Sint-Genesius-Rode and a stone’s throw from the heart of Brussels. More information on the project page and

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