Thanks for visiting Sum @ MIPIM 2017

MIPIM 2017 was a big success for SumProject+SumResearch. Our main focus this year was to highlight Sum's expertise in restoration and redevelopment of heritage sites in our European cities. Projects such as the redevelopment of the former thermal baths of Spa, Hotel Empain, the National Science Museum, Train World,... show our capability to guide complex processes and our ambition to innovate urban environments. We would like to thank all visitors at our booth and participants during our seminar ‘Strategies for adaptive re-use and development. Heritage as a generator for urban innovation.’

News from the site: Central Park

Our 'Central Park' housing project in Sint-Niklaas is progressing well. Beginning of July the first part of the nZEB apartments, nearly zero energy buildings, will be completed. The 'Central Park' project contains 29 apartments and the renovation of a stand-alone villa from the 1930's. SumProject stands for the overall design of the new buildings as well as the renovation of the ‘art deco’ villa.

50 years Sum in Renoscripto

In 2016 we celebrated our 50th anniversary. Renoscripto, a specialized magazine for architects and project developers, dedicated an article to this milestone. Next to the company's history, three emblematic recent projects are highlighted: Train World, Hotel Empain and the former baths of Spa. You can read the full article here (in dutch).

SumProject and Bureau B+B will redesign 'De Leet'

Following an international competition launched by the ‘Vlaams Bouwmeester’ SumProject / Bureau B+B have been granted the design contract for the urban renewal project of 'De Leet' in Ypres. The project aims to bring a coherent vision for the redevelopment of the public space in the heart of Ypres. Our concept creates an interaction between the 'Grote Markt' and the area called 'De Leet' (Vandenpeereboomplein / Astrid Park). The water of ‘De Leet', a now covered river running through the city, will reappear on the surface and reinforce this new core in the city centre, contrasting with the completely paved 'Grote Markt'. The ambition is to restore the current fragmented space into a pleasa

Sum @ MIPIM 2017

SumProject + SumResearch will be present at MIPIM 2017 as a steady partner of the Belgian delegation. Sum will highlight its expertise in redevelopment of heritage sites in our European cities. On Wednesday 15nd of March at 3pm we organize a round table in the Belgian Pavilion focusing on ‘Strategies for adaptive re-use and development. Heritage as a generator for urban innovation.’ Interested? Limited seats... Send us a request for invitation via

Heritage management plan béguinage Lier

SumResearch and B. Van der Wee Architects are selected to develop a heritage management plan for the béguinage of Lier. The heritage value of the béguinage is expressed in the UNESCO World Heritage nomination in 1998 as part of the serial nomination of 'Flemish béguinages'. The first phase of the management plan will focus on the actualisation of the 2008 master plan. Thereafter a vision for several general subjects will be developed. The idea of living heritage will be the vision's central concept.

Sum @ Museum Night Fever 2017

Next Saturday, 11 March, the 10th edition of Brussels Museum Night Fever will take place. Among the participants are a number of museums where Sum is or was active. SumProject was responsible for the renovation of the old railway station in Schaerbeek and the design of the new adjacent National Railway Museum Train World. During Museum Night Fever you can discover the symbiosis between the world of trains and the adventures of one of our national Heroes, Tintin. At the Museum of Natural Sciences SumProject was responsible for the renovation of the Janlet wing, famous for exhibiting the Bernissart Iguanodons, At BOZAR / Palace of Fine Arts SumProject was active in the field of renovation. The

Heritage management plan Tervuren

SumResearch, in collaboration with SAVE - Stichting Architectuurarchieven & B. Van der Wee Architects, is selected to develop a heritage management plan for 6 monuments in the centre of Tervuren. The management plan aims to create a vision on long term with focus on strengthening and preserving the heritage value of the monuments. Following monuments are included: Walls and gates of the "Warande" Royal Garden Panquin barracks Ducal Palace Chapel of Saint Hubertus Warandegate and "School van Tervurendreef"

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